Top Free Backlink Checker Tools

Top Free Backlink Checker Tools

The internet and digital platform are the way to move forward. Anybody not keeping up with the digital revolution will be left in the dust by their competitors and there is no other way but to embrace digitization to keep up with the pack or even lead it for that matter. You need a website and for the website you need backlinks and backlinks free checker tools help you get the right site.

Backlinks are very important for generating traffic to a site and hence backlink checker tools are very important for digital marketing platforms. But when you search for backlinks free checkers on google you get nothing but garbage in there. So here is a list of free backlink checker tools that you can use to get the best site.

Backlink Watch

Search for Free backlink checker tools and this is what you will land at. Backlink watch is a backlink checker tool that checks sites for backlinks and rates them.  These backlinks are important to make business site prominent in SERP. All these listed tasks can be easily carried out with the most effective tool in market, i.e. backlink watch.


Ahrefs is perhaps the most popular tool in the business. It is a free tool that is accessed by thousands in the world and is very effective and easy to use as well. The greatest thing about it is that it extremely reliable and has a 100% success rate, something not many in the business boast of. The beauty with Ahrefs is that all the live backlinks can be viewed upon clicking of a button and then you can move further to click on the specific link that you wish to work on.

Majestic SEO Tools

Majestic SEO is one of the most widely used search engine and backlink checker tool in the world and for good reason. It is used by a wide range of entrepreneurs who include developers, Media analysts, entrepreneurs and most importantly by the SEO experts because of its accountability and reliability. Majestic SEO happens to have the largest number of database links which have been collected from all sorts of entrepreneurs all over the world and is very flexible to use.

Google Search and Console

If there is ever a list of SEO or backlink tools without google in it then don’t trust the list. Google has the biggest resources in the game and is easily one of the best tools out there. It has been put to use from time immemorial and is still one of the best out there. It is easy to access the details of competitors using this tool.